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I thought I hate you for that. For not having the courage. For not facing the reality. For not having to guts to end it all. For not stepping forward when you ought to. But then I realized, it was myself I’ve been seeing all along in you. You are a reflection of me. A mirror-image that I’ve been dreading the whole time.

How many times did it occur when you shut it down but then restarting it again? 

How many times did you walk away from it and then running back towards it?

How many times did you decide to close the door only to find a window ajar? 

How many times did you turn off the switch, yet, flick it on on the last minute? 

How many times did you cut it just so you would desperately tie the ends? 

Hating you is nonsense. Doing the other thing is futile.

Either way, it does not do any good for me at all. Really.

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