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In love with both spoken/written words (may it be fact or fiction), happiness of a child, audio tracks, and, of course, food. :)

Chances can be given innumerably, even to those people deemed as undeserving.  For if You can give it to us impartially for the second time, for the third time, for the nth time, who are we to deprive others of it? This, is what I always believe in.  The reason why others think that I’m too kind, which, in fact, I’m not. I just don’t want others to feel hopeless as much as I don’t want to feel it too for myself.

So thank You for my passing grade in Neuroanatomy despite of lacking the same ardor I used to have when I was younger.

And for this chance, I am truly, truly, truly grateful for You.

You, who never leave me behind.  Despite of my shortcomings.  Despite of my ungratefulness.  Despite of my stubbornness.

Thank You so much.  I will not take this chance for granted anymore.

I’m going to be a great doctor someday. Someday, I’ll save lives. Someday, I’ll be a proud steward of the lives You’ve created.

Thank you, Lord! I love You, I love You, I love You. :)

Your hard-headed and reckless daughter,


And this’s just torture to me, another’s arms, another’s arms.

Pull yourself into me, another’s arms, another’s arms.

Love means nothing to me, another’s arms, another’s arms 


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